A legal promissory note is a document that can be a representation of an agreement which is simple and straightforward agreement or can be a complex or detailed document, which involves a contractual agreement.

To enforce a secured promissory note is a matter of either repossessing through own efforts of the assets or hiring a professional law firm like ours to accomplish the task on your behalf.

A legal promissory note is a legally binding instrument. It is under the scrutiny of the fair credit lending act. It says that the borrower has a few rights that should not be violated. If violated they can lead to legal battles.
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You can lend money to an individual or family members. It is very good that you can help someone. Sometimes it may lead to pitfalls if the person refuses to pay the money back. It is better to take a legally binding note like a promissory note.

There are 4 different types of promissory notes. They are:
1. Personal promissory note
2. Commercial promissory note
3. Real estate promissory note and
4. Investment promissory note

Whatever be the type of note you have created, if the other party is not able to honour it then we are here to help you. We can support you legally to recover your funds or assets in quickest possible time with expert advice and consultation services.

Our expert’s Lawyers of our legal firm can handle any sort of case regarding promissory notes and help you recover your assets or investments as soon as possible.

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