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Are You looking for the famous layer, the skilled attorney in Hyderabad? For dealing criminal, Civil cases, family case, Violation of human rights, promissory note law, a famous lawyer in Hyderabad Mr. Sai Krishna Azad the founder of Law for Society will help you out in fighting for truth. He has been traveling all the way crossing the hurdles for the past 13 years. He glorious stood behind the victims and helped them in their crisis situation.

To access the law for many people around Hyderabad he even started online consultancy where people from anywhere in India can contact and solve their problems within minutes. You need not to step back in our availability because we “law for society” run by Mr. Sai Krishna Azad is here to provide 24/7 access through online, phone calls and emails. With the best initiative ideas and knowledge, he gained over years will solve the complex cases you bring onto the table with his articulate nature by giving you the best panacea immediately. 

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Law for society deals with all legal cases like marriage related problems which includes, dowry harassment mutual divorce and contested divorce, family issues like child maintenance, alimony all types of abusing cases, property cases and criminal cases.

Law for you is dealing with musi river Hyderabad pollution case, Tekkali land issue and you will be surprised to know that 70 families are suffering from this case. One of the memorable achievements of “law for u” firm is it helped a railway coolie, the story goes like this “One day he found gold biscuits on platform, even though he handed them to police, he was suspected, suspended and jailed claiming that he stole some of the gold biscuits” when he approached law for you, his freedom was back gain along with his job.

Besides these legal services, Mr. Sai Krishna Azad will also help you in legal name change process in a really quick time. For additional facts please contact Mr. Sai Krishna Azad the famous legal practitioner in Hyderabad.

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